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Welcome to the collection of Real World Harper Songs - History and knowledge through song

A Harper Song is a song with lyrics which tells a story about an historical event or teaches something, (A.B.C's, Grammar, etc.) Some of these are folk ballads from long ago, but some are about recent events in our world's history.Think of them as modern day troubadour ballads.

The term 'Harper' comes from the Dragonriders of Pern novels of Ann McAffrey where the teachers instruct the people of that world through song. Putting facts to a melody helps fix it in the mind. It was for this reason we decided to start collecting such useful songs from the real world and organize them into this collection.

N.B. The accuracy of the historical content will vary. This may be because of artistic license or because new facts have been discovered since the writing of the song.

Thus far we have added 106 songs to the collection.

Feel free to browse the Categoriesor simply hit the 'Random Page' link to the left.

[edit] Getting started

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